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10.30 - 5.00


10:30 - 5.00

10:30 - 5.00

10:30 - 5.00

10:30 - 5.00

10:30 - 5.00


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Our chocolate and waffles are all freshly made and can be subject to 'sell - out' situations. If travelling, please call first to avoid disappointment



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Originally conceived from an idea to merge the indulgence of thick, luxurious continental style hot chocolate, together with a relaxed coffee shop type of environment where friends meet, reflect & take time out from the daily hustle & bustle


From travels near & far, the memories of wonderful times & fantastic places are often evoked from the tastes & smells experienced at the time.  

A fusion was conceived!


Relaxing times with the feel good factor chocolate creates & the fond memories of times well spent. Simple.


Working with a flavorologist & our own imaginations, we’ve created a number of individual tastes you might like to try with us.

We've got flavours to evoke childhood memories like ‘Caramac’ bars, 'Rhubarb and Custard' & ‘Pear Drops’ to some that can make you think of the local walks or the hills of Scotland & even further away towards the Orient.


Of course, you can still get a great coffee, a flavourful tea, a hot Panini or the obligatory piece of cake all served with a smile but if you try the hot chocolate, we’d like to think the smile you’d leave with, is one created by chocolate, still clearly visible on you’re lips!"

Bowness hot chocolate house is Cumbria’s Number 1 – after just a year.

By Choccobar, Apr 12 2016 01:48PM

A SPECIALIST hot chocolate and coffee shop in Bowness has been ranked as Cumbria’s top place to eat on Tripadvisor, just a year after opening.

ChoccoBar, of Quarry Rigg in the town, creates its own unique hot chocolate drinks using real Belgian chocolate, not powders, and also offers a range of speciality teas, coffees, confectionery and light snacks.

The venue opened during Easter 2015 and has had the top Tripadvisor rating for Bowness for some time.

Owner, Mark Tomlinson said: “Being named as Cumbria’s top place to eat on such a renowned review site is really some accolade, even more so considering we’ve only been open a year.

"People like something new, something different and we think we're certainly offering that. Our chocolate is thick enough to trick your mind into 'chewing' but it's still thin enough to drink.

“And the wide range of unique flavours we offer gives an extra wow. We even do a smoky bacon and a venison flavour!

“Certainly from the fantastic response we've had, the wonderful comments people leave us and the fact we're now number one in Cumbria makes us so grateful and extremely proud of what we've done in the past 12 months."

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