Popular almond flavoured drink far softer than hazelnut but with a unique & distinctive flavour to warm you throughout.

Apple & Cinnamon

A traditional combination of spices added to sweet & succulent apple.


The original mellow yellow. Chocolate BBQ Banana lovers with slip into this flavour with ease

Black Forest

Cherries dipped in chocolate (almost) the flavour just melts in your mouth as a smile starts in its corner.


How hot can you go? Without adding any flavour to the chocolate this spice makes your lips tingle & your palette pulse. Tell us how you like it & we’ll spice it up to meet your heat!


A taste of the tropics with this chocolate that gives you a ‘Bounty bar’ hit without the grated coconut to stick between your teeth.


Smooth & caffeine free, this gentle chicory style coffee sits softly on the tongue like the 19th century ‘Camp’ coffee. Secret coffee ‘Revel’ lovers can unite over a coffee hot chocolate!


Age old warming spirit based flavour that melts into the chocolate with a smooth warm glow.

Custard & Cream

One of the most popular biscuits in England engulfed in chocolate. Subtle vanilla & egg custard flavours give the chocolate a hint of luxury.


Fresh light floral flavours like a spring meadow bursting into life.


Based on a traditional gingerbread & similar to the famous Lakeland recipe we’ve added some warming spices to leave a gentle lingering heat.


Nuts about nuts then this is the flavour for you. Strong & rich we can use a little for more of a praline flavour or add more for an intense nutty hit (suitable for people with nut allergies as the proteins are removed that cause the reaction).

Irish Cream

Based around ‘Baileys’ coffee liqueur we’ve combined a full flavoured Irish whisky with coffee & cream to match the alluring pull of the Irish charm.

Lakeland Mint

We use a soft mint similar to the fondant mint cream found in ‘After Eight’ mint thins but with a little warm afterglow.


We use a key-lime lime for a sharp punchy aroma & sweet/bitter flavour contrast. Truly refreshing

Lychee & Lemongrass

Fragrant with a subtle hint of lemon. Not as sweet as other fruits & reminiscent of original lemon flavoured Turkish delight


Exotic, soft & sumptuous to melt in your mouth


a smooth, subtle blend of roasted pistachio & sweet honey that gently melts on your tongue


Ever left your chocolate orange to close to the radiator at Christmas? Our orange flavour will see you seriously thinking about trying it

Passion Fruit

Sweet, light & full of exotic flavours similar to Strawberry but not as sweet.

Pear & Ginger

We use a slight hint of Ginger to lift the Pear flavour away from the chocolate. If you like pear drops you’ll love this combination

Rhubarb & Custard

The sharpness of the Rhubarb is softened with the smoothness of custard. Similar to the traditional boiled sweet of the same name.


Not just for sailors, we’ve made this rum flavour smooth & deeply warming.

Salted Caramel

Probably our most popular flavour. Deeply satisfying combination of caramelised butter with a deepness brought together with the addition of a little salt.

Smokey Bacon

Exactly what it says it is. Initially inspired from tasting a bacon joint that had been rolled in chocolate powder & smothered in maple syrup to seal in the flavour. Popular to the younger palette or strangely enough, by those who enjoy a sharp flavour like lime or bitter lemon


There’s no mistaking this sweet & succulent flavour as it melt into the chocolate


A familiar spice used in many recipes to soften the flavour. Its gentle flavour lifts the chocolate ever so delicately.  


Originally conceived from the taste of pan fried chocolate venison, this popular flavour plays with your mind. Rounded like a caramel, the deep flavour moves the chocolate to a darker level but without the bitterness you can get with dark chocolate.


Balanced & mature as its drinker should be but with soft tones to leave a gentle warmth lingering behind.

Our chocolate and waffles are all freshly made and can be subject to ‘sell – out’ situations. If travelling, please call first to avoid disappointment