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After having a day out in beatrix potter. I, my wife and little one was looking a shop to have a snacks and we come along with this fantastic cafe “Choco Bar” had a wonderful choco drinks, churos on the sides and a waffle which I think is one of the best we had ever taste! Big applause as well with the nicest and friendly staff!

Dennis R. Dela Cruz

Love it here. Staff are great and the food is amazing! Best waffles I’ve ever had and the hot chocolate is to die for! We’re not local, found it while on holiday last year. My mam has come away with us and we’re staying near Penrith. we’ve drove to Bowness today just so she could try the hot chocolate haha worth a 2 hr round trip anytime. Hopefully be back in Summer.

Sarah Guy

Nice and friendly welcoming staff and the signature hot chocolate and strawberry and Nutella waffles with ice cream are to die for! Definitely the best I’ve ever eaten ! The flat whites are decent as well !!

Stuart Leverton

Our chocolate and waffles are all freshly made and can be subject to ‘sell – out’ situations. If travelling, please call first to avoid disappointment