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10.30 - 5.30


10:30 - 5.30

10:30 - 5.30

10:30 - 5.30

10:30 - 5.30

10:30 - 5.30


Opening hours are subject to change

Please call us if you have any special requests

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Our chocolate and waffles are all freshly made and can be subject to 'sell - out' situations. If travelling, please call first to avoid disappointment


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Omg! This was delicious. A pure chocolate hot chocolate, strawberries on the side to dip in and whipped cream. My husband had 'the best chocolate milkshake I have ever tasted '


Liz King

Wow where do I start, this place is amazing, we brought my mother for a birthday treat and we were all extremely impressed from start to finish, the staff were so friendly even singing happy birthday


Charlotte Boardman

hank you for making us so welcome this morning. A table for 9 hung-over ladies finishing off a hen weekend was no problem to you! The service and food were top notch. Highly recommended


Rachel Butler

Best place in the world oh my gosh!!!!!! Everything is so nice! I want to live here.


Victoria Jane Smith

Loved it, called in for afternoon treat. Our son had waffles with cream and chocolate (massive!), I had banana milkshake with 2 scoops of ice cream and whipped cream, and my hubby had the strawberry milkshake. All absolutely delicious.


Julie Rawling

A great place to eat and drink. Very clean and tidy with smart, friendly staff. My cheese, ham and pineapple Pannini was excellent; one of the best I've ever had. I'm not a hot chocolate person, but I think I could be. The sample I tried was seriously tasty and could get me out of my usual coffee habit. I can recommend the ChoccoBar to anyone and I will definitely visit again.


Terry Hughes

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