We’ve just introduced 6 new flavours to our range – Raspberry & Basil, Pimms, Fruit Salad, Red Wine, Apple & Blackcurrant & finally, Lemon Sorbet. For Halloween we’ll be doing a limited edition “Jaffa Cake” brew with a rather special Christmas Pudding flavour in time for the festive season. All quite exciting really & we’re still responsive to new flavour suggestions.

On a visual note rather than a flavour note, I wish we could get a pound for every ‘wow’ & look of surprise we see when someone tries our hot chocolate for the first time. I wish we could record the expressions as I’m sure a montage would go viral 🙂 Some of the expressions are priceless & should be reserved for the bedroom, others are those of disbelief that what they’re drinking is possible. It’s great to witness & really makes our day.

Here’s to seeing some new faces trying our new flavours :-)”