About Us

ChoccoBar, our family business, have passionately created a truly indulgent Drinking Chocolate. Blended from the finest Belgian chocolate and fresh produce from our local dairy.

During the first Covid-19 lockdown, we were overwhelmed with messages from our lovely café customers missing our delicious Hot Chocolate and so our journey began to bring our special family recipe to everyone’s home.

Our Drinking Chocolate is pouched in a unique liquid recipe (no powder) to ensure its luxurious and smooth taste, so it’s perfect and ready to drink just as it comes! You can enjoy hot or chilled. Designed to be consumed in smaller quantities than traditional hot chocolate and savoured with every sip. Pairs perfectly with some fresh strawberries to dip.

Our Drinking Chocolate is also highly versatile – alongside making a wonderful hot chocolate, why not enjoy chilled as a milkshake, over a generous scoop of ice cream, as a fondue or drizzled over desserts!


Drinking Chocolate

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